the wintery + the wonderful

much love + inspiration goes on in the bloggy world today while i continue my quest to get my act together.

some of my favourite new things: 

much love today. xo

(images from my iPhone; ice skating at harbourfront centre, toronto; morning sunshine last week on campus)


i'm gonna post this before i get sidetracked. again.

this is me

  • in an attempt to kick start my (almost creaky) creative bones. it's been way too long and i need to get back in the game.
  • i started a completely new job at the beginning of the month that requires me to get my artsy on. 
  • this is an awesome, awesome thing.
  • but it means that i've been effectively lurking blogs and handmade shops and slowly gathering my mental inspiration board together again. 

it looks something like this.

i need

  • to make a game plan
  • and a list
  • both a grocery list, and a to-do list

project kick-off date: tonight.
excitement level: super high.

big love to the interwebs. thank you for being so chock-full of information.



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