a sense of hunger for life - sabrina ward harrison

my continuing obsession with pinterest brought me across a new favourite artist today; sabrina ward harrison. her work is the love child of a bunch of my favourite things; mixed-media art, words, texture and photography, all thrown into one (or rather, several), awesome pieces. they're inspiring and whimsical, and i just can't stop looking at them.


big love.

and so tonight, as i'm walking home after an evening of thrifting adventures, coffee and a good few hours of walking in a spring evening, it occurs to me.

things are good.

even though my jeans fit tighter in the middle than i'd like them to; even though my hair doesn't look the way i wish it would; even though my apartment isn't set up the way i want it to be [and set up that way right now]; it's a process. not always a happy process, and life isn't the way i imagined it to be at this time last year, but it's good.

and tonight? i'm ok with that. big love to you, world.

painting by liz tran


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