big love.

and so tonight, as i'm walking home after an evening of thrifting adventures, coffee and a good few hours of walking in a spring evening, it occurs to me.

things are good.

even though my jeans fit tighter in the middle than i'd like them to; even though my hair doesn't look the way i wish it would; even though my apartment isn't set up the way i want it to be [and set up that way right now]; it's a process. not always a happy process, and life isn't the way i imagined it to be at this time last year, but it's good.

and tonight? i'm ok with that. big love to you, world.

painting by liz tran


romanya vizesi said...

thank you very much for information

janet h said...

glad you're thinking positive no matter what you're going through :) anyways nice blog! keep writing! xoxo


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