itchy scratchy

arianne's going to cuba tomorrow, and i wish i was going. she's been buying a few new summery things and it's giving me that itch to shop. or that itch to spring clean. or that itch to make things better. or that itch to just be warm, for goodness' sake.

my game plan to get out of this rut is to get back into my pre-christmas routine, whether or not i feel like it. back to yoga, painting, creating ... just generally being productive.

it's tough, you know, in the winter. i'm much more of a warm weather person; i do garage sales and flea markets and farmers markets and it really gets me out of the house and keeps me fresh.

i'm going to make a concerted effort to find out things that are going on around the city and in my area; there's quite a few shows that are coming up that i want to see ( the artist project toronto, the toronto one of a kind spring show, and canada blooms), so march is gonna rock .. what does a girl do between now and then?

what kinds of creative things do you get up to in order to relieve cabin fever in the wintertime?


Anonymous said...

It helps to live in California :) But I remember the winters in Guelph and Montreal - long, cold, dreary. Lots of journaling, friend time, reading yummy books curled up with hot chocolate, writing on rented apartment walls...oh, and having fresh flowers in the house always helped too!

tinypaperheart said...

the mulberry alexa satchel is my fave! :)

Julia said...

I buy an inexpensive bundle of flowers and rearrange them so I have flowers all over my apartment!

I love this collage! You're so fashionable!


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