And now for something completely different: a wedding!

I'm engaged. Which, to be honest, is such a strange, surreal feeling in a lot of ways.

While my summers for the past few years have been filled with attending friends' weddings and the past ten months has been spotted with venue-shopping for my sister's upcoming nuptuals, I somehow never really considered how different the experience of pricing things out for my own event would be a different experience.

Kind of crazy.

In any case, I've been poring over resources, online fora, and yes, Pinterest, to get some ideas about what I'd like for our own little ceremony. And there's so. much. out. there. To be honest, it's borderline overwhelming.

But with the help of some friends and family, I'm looking forward to planning something that's budget-friendly, unique, DIY, and smattered with our personal touches. In the end, I want to keep our focus on the fact that it's not the event that makes the marriage; it's not having reclaimed wood tables, linen table runners, paper lanterns, and the picture-perfect colour combos (even though goodness knows I'm into that).

It's celebrating a lifelong commitment in front of our family and friends. And, if we can negotiate a good price, having a bite to eat with them all afterwards.

Now I just need to follow the biggest piece of advice that I've received from other frugal former brides: stay away from the wedding magazines. They might be great for gathering ideas, but it's often hard to draw a line between reality and industry hype.

So. We're going to be decisive about elements that are important to us: a simple ceremony followed by tasty food, plenty of dancing, and time well spent with the people we love.

And, if we can swing it, a pretty venue that can accommodate us.

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jeff rausch said...

love your blog. Thanks for writing it


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