friday outta here!

it's been a good, productive week. i'm happy about that. i've tidied up loose ends, cleaned everything that would sit still and am putting the finishing touches on my workspace. i just need to find a bulletin board of some sort, i think, to put my inspirational stuff all up, and then it'll be time to rest and relax. perfect timing for the weekend!

this weekend, my sisters, mom and i are going to the grand bend/sauble beach area of the bruce peninsula. it's going to be a long weekend of relaxing and reading on the beach. {speaking of reading, i've finished the other boleyn girl. i'll be buying another of phillippa gregory's books as soon as i can get myself to the bookstore - i'm aiming for tomorrow. it was a great light read, without being ditzy. awesome story, great character development. plus, the historical background research was riveting.}

i'm looking forward to lounging around in the sand (in spf 55 sunscreen, of course), drinking pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain (that they're predicting for saturday). except for the fact that i'm not the biggest fan of pina coladas. one might even venture to say that i intensely dislike them. regardless, i'm sure i'll find something else to make due.

in the meanwhile, does anyone else have any awesome weekend plans?

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Julia said...

How was the weekend, deary? We made it up to Duluth and back and I promise you, I'm swearing off traveling for a good month! Ugh.


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