good golly, miss molly

i can't believe that last week flew by so quickly... and now monday's over already! i have to get caught up, but wanted to leave a quick post to let you all know that the next week or two may be a bit spotty since it's the uber-busy season at work. orientation, orientation, orientation. three huge events plus a whole week of nonstop orientation goodness will be what i'm eating, sleeping and breathing until september 3rd. sweet. my day planner may be crying for mercy, but i live for this stuff. mm.

stay tuned, cause i'll be around, although i can't promise everyday. but i'll do the best i can.

in the meanwhile, huge news in toronto... (if he's updated his blog, look for the post(s) on august 10th. it appears that on top of orienting 10,000 new students to the school, we're also housing evacuees.
holy hannah! busy times!

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Julia said...

Are you kidding me? He's on bloody vacation? I don't get it? Well, actually, our present leader didn't do the greatest job either in the past years emergencies :(

Hang in there hun! Make sure you schedule some YOU time in the mix there, so you don't fizzle! Well, at least not as quickly!


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