day one

and we're off! I hate feeling as disorganized as I have throughout this process so far, but after a morning of shopping and some incredible decision-making skills (quick decisions aren't one of my strong points!), I've successfully purchased a new bed and decided to hold off on all other furniture (specifically, a lil futon-couch) until I get the bed in first.

but as you can see I've got my one shelf, one chair, big mirror ... And some new patio furniture I bought for my balcony from ikea. (hey! priorities. I'm going to need something to relax on with a glass of wine when this is all done. Call it incentive!)

More pics to come - although I don't know where the Easter bunny is planning on hiding the eggs!


Amanda Nicole said...

Exciting! Your new place looks bright and clean.

Massacremike said...

After having helped to move all this in and now sitting back and looking at it all I have to laugh that everything you have is so small and compact. That is, of course, everything but your giant friggin' mirror!

Some people's priorities, I tell ya.

Julia said...

Mike's comment made me laugh! Looking good kiddo! :) I bet you're thrilled beyond belief!

blazedanielle said...

I'm not great at quick decisions either! :) Looking forward to seeing more pics!! Keep up the good work!

Genevieve said...

You have the same patio set as Ross and I - good taste! We liked that it was inexpensive AND already assembled - thrilling!


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