chalk philosophy

oh, hello.

i'm dipping my toes back in as an effort to create some sort of routine around here again. it's been a while.

i'm going to make today into a sidewalk chalk kind of day: bright, whimsical, and temporary. it's important for me to remember right now that the way things are right now isn't the way they're gonna be forever; they'll wash away with the rain and i can always start again to make a new masterpiece.


Julia said...

Oh my goodness--where have you been? I've been wondering how you are! I hope that you're taking the bright, whimsical nature to heart :) I'm sending you sunshine, dearest and lots of love!


Anne. said...

I've missed you and your posts! And haha, chalk philosophy is a wonderful one. Doesn't really hurt that it makes me want to doodle on the sidewalk now, either!


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