A little meditation

Today is a day to just breathe, be still, and be deeply rooted.  

I had four days off last weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving, most of which was spend frenetically driving from one destination to the next, my mind calculating drive times and making lists and anticipating What’s Next On The Itinerary.  While I’m thankful for having a life full of people who I love deeply, it most certainly didn’t check off that “rest + rejuvenate” item on my checklist.

By mid-day today, I re-watched this video because I love it; it’s soothing and beautiful and the fact that I’d found it online reminds me of so many of the things that I love about the internet.  

My mind slowed and I was reminded of the goals that first started my journey to rearrange my life to fit my vision of where I pictured myself. After over a year and a half, a different job, a better mindspace, clearer direction, new neighbourhood, it’s nice to gauge how far you’ve come and then to return to those motivations that got you started in the first place.

I’m attempting to keep this post distinct from my ever-listmaking mindset. So with that, today is a day for serenity.

I’m closing my Facebook page so that I’m not constantly checking for updates and notifications; I’m closing Twitter for the same reasons.  I’m revisiting the inspirations that helped me make those steps to who I am today. Some of them have undergone metamorphosis while I wasn't looking, some of them have chosen other paths, some of them continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

Why are you doing the things that you're doing? Where did the passion begin; where has it brought you?

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