oh hi! monday is almost done!

Wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Kicked off with some strategizing around what exactly to do in lieu of our annual cranberry festival weekend, which was voted off of the island due to crappy weather. Instead, we hit up the oldie-but-goodie St Jacobs market for The Best Hummus and Baba Ghanouj Ever (so claims the dude selling it), and then Kirk and I celebrated the rest of Saturday with some Scrabble and wine.

We like to live on the edge.

All I've been able to focus on since then has been board games. We went thrifting the following day, with board games as the target of my mission and cassettes to play in The Last Car Ever With A Tape Deck as Kirk's. TLCEWATD currently has Harry Belafonte on high rotation. (Further proof of liking to live on the edge.)

  1. I'm shocked and appalled at the number of people who have seen fit to rid themselves of their old Real 2 Real and Color Me Badd tapes. Don't they count as classic yet?
  2. The Best Hummus and Baba Ghanouj Ever is pretty good, but the title still belongs to that which is served at The Sultan's Tent. Flavour notes, I tell you. Flavour. Notes.
  3. I have a hankering to visit Snakes & Lattes or a similarly board-gamish themed place. 
Sweet merciful crap, I think I just found my calling in life. 

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