On the flip side of 2013

Welcome, 2013.
I've never been one for new years resolutions - the cynic in me doesn't see the point of them. Why wait for a new year to make a fresh start? Why put off tomorrow what you can begin today (says mister Mark Twain)?
Instead, I'm greeting 2013 as a continuation of my mind-shift from 2012. Giving my attention to the things that I want to become, rather than the things that sap energy and distract me from where I want to be + go. It's a funny place to be, particularly when my instincts often pull me in different directions, but like everything else in life, this slow process is more than worth it, I'm sure. And writing about it helps to keep me accountable.
List30 is doing well. I've filled the busy holiday season with shopping, baking, and visiting with friends and family. I've been hitting up yoga and the gym at least a 2-3 times a week, and I've been much more intentional on the way that I spend my free time. It's not been easy - there have been more than a few occasions when I've had to re-assess what my priorities were and shift plans around from there. It's funny how it can be so incredibly hard to quiet your soul and stick to your guns, particularly when your knee-jerk reaction is to constantly focus on work-related things.
Speaking of work, I'm back in the office tomorrow. These past three weeks have been great for finding a happy balance when there's been no nine-to-five to throw off the equation. The trick for next week, I think, will be to leave work at work and do something completely different when I get home.
What will these completely different things be?
I've been reflecting on the things that I used to do that I've gotten out of the habit of doing for a wide variety of reasons. A few of these have already been included in my List. But there are a lot more that I'm going to try to integrate in as well, over the next few weeks. Getting my creative on will be one of them. Purging and organizing is another. More to come on both of those as they unfold in my brain.
These next two months are going to be good. I can tell.
What changes or projects do you have coming up?

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