A few years ago, I made some huge decisions and changes to my life. There was a disconnect from where I'd always envisioned myself while in my mid-20's and, to be perfectly honest, it was really far from where I was.
Since then, I've moved to one of my favourite neighbourhoods, scored a job that I absolutely love, made a surprise re-connection with my high school sweetheart and we're now living our little life in Leaside. Yeah, it's pretty alright.
My goal now? To get myself back into the saddle with the things that I'm really passionate about: writing, crafting, stuff-making, adventuring, cooking, and social media-ing. Over the past four years, I've fallen out of the blogging habit; my writing muscles have been flexed in my day job—but it's just not the same.
So without any further ado, I'm ready. Let's do this.

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