luh-luh-lovin it

just came across these prints by jess gonacha and i'm in LOVE with them. i want a gocco machine. (are they machines? presses?) all the cool people certainly seem to have them so, by default, i should get one too. i want in the gocco club!

in other awesome news, the toronto one of a kind show is quickly approaching. have bought my tickets and am now just looking at which day i'd like to book off work to go.

you know you're ready for the OOAK show when you have:
- comfy (yet stylin) shoes for a day full of shopping? check.
- scoured the OOAK gift guide? check.
mapped out locations of all my favourite artists? ... well, sorta. i'll see 'em when i see 'em.

in the meanwhile, you can see their super cool felted stuff here, gorgeous photographic lanterns here, super-delicious wine jellies here and gorgeous/unconventional/work of art candles here)

good times. let the countdown begin!


Julia said...

When are you going? I love these images of the prints. If you get a gocco machine you have to tell me how much you love it :)

wunderbug said...

jewels - i'm probably gonna go within the first few days of the show.. i cant wait too long!


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