manicotti faux-pas

I've possibly just eaten the blandest manicotti in the world. There was no party in my mouth, and even if there was... nobody would want to come. The ricotta tasted like nothing, the tomato sauce was apparently just for moisture purposes, and the whole manicotti experience was just disappointing.

If my manicotti were a house party, it would be one of those parties where nobody is really talking, and Low Rider is playing softly in the background. Disco lights are on and spinning, but people are quietly eating chips and drinking non-alcoholic beer, just looking at each other from across the room. There's no manicotti lovin', no manicotti joking... nothing.

Just Low Rider, disco ball, and bland, bored people.

That's my lunch in a nutshell.


Julia said...

So, so sad. Poor manicotti. Didn't drink it's V8 this morning, huh?

Here's to hopin' you have a more lively lunch tomorrow!


please sir said...

Oh sorry about your lunch...I try to make a mean manicotti - I'll make ya some!


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