this. is. too. awesome.

so - my weekly artist feature is a little bit delayed, {but don't worry - it's definitely coming!} and i wanted to post this in the meanwhile. i'd found it viaplease sir, as posted on inside the loop.

in the same trend as yesterday's post, this is yet another thing that i want, and aspire to. if these folks are able to create a garden in a space where there isn't traditionally one, then imagine what i could do with a backyard that's pre-stocked with soil!

so big cheers for courtney over at inside the loop for sharing this... not to mention having an all-round awesome blog (ie check out her profile blurb!) ... and then on top of all of that awesomeness, having an even awesomer (!) name. ha. woot!


Courtney said...

I completely understand. It's such an incredible project for two people to create a farm on top a NYC building. And here I am staring at my (relatively) large backyard that doesn't have a thing growing but some grass here and there. I have no excuses.

Although my husband isn't too sure chickens would be well received by neighbors. So we may decide to leave those out :)

Julia said...

Whoot whoot :) I'm so jealous!

blazedanielle said...

so pretty!! I love all the GREEN!!


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