all present and accounted for

six travel bags, one bottle of hairspray, one flatiron
three sisters and a mom ready for adventure
1 gps named gertrude
1 iPhone with maps loaded for cross-referencing
24 bottles of water (!)
5 rest stops before we even hit the quebec border
0 french-english dictionaries

twelve pairs of shoes, countless outfits
one fantastic weather forecast
1 eight-hour day of walking, streets navigated by yours truly
2 new watercolour prints, purchased from an artist named colombe on the rue de trésor.

two waterfalls, one taller than niagara falls and the other an unexpected discovery
one late lunch with a bottle of wine on a patio in lower town

one 3-hour drive to baie-ste-catherine for whale watching
several whales, porpoises and seals surfacing for air and a photo op
1 breaching humpback
30 minutes cruising through the awe-inspiring saguenay fjords

eight hours home again, plus a stop for a quick family visit
inspiration for the next morning's al fresco backyard breakfast, "à paris"


erin said...

sound like a blast!

Deirdre of Kitchen Stories said...

don't you just love Quebec ;)

Renee[Q][C] said...

Q. Could I be more jealous?
A. No!

Amanda Nicole said...

Awww! It all sounds so wonderful. I'm glad you had such a lovely time :)

cindy said...

fantastic and i feel like i should say 'yes, mam, check!' safe travels!

paula said...

now this sounds like a dream.

PS~Erin said...


picciolo said...

what a beautiful place, it certainly sounds like a wonderful trip
: )

Bri said...

Oh, how fun! It looks like you had a really great time.


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