she lives!

oh! wow!

i finally have time to blog and i really don't know where to start.

today: we finished the first two-day training session for the frosh leaders. 438 down this weekend, 304 to go next thursday and friday, along with another (unrelated but bigger) orientation event next saturday.

i've been tweeting up a storm because that's about all i have time for. what can i say? i never really thought the twitter thing was all that addictive but now that i barely have enough time to sit still let alone string together a thought or two, it's really convenient!

things are going to keep being busy for the next week - after that, i'm going to the CNE for some r&r.

hel-lo, craft building and food building! sweet.

1 comment:

Amanda Nicole said...

Twitter is indeed my friend when I'm too busy to blog. Good luck with this week!


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