full spectrum

i came across these images on for me, for you and they've caused me to reflect in the most peculiar way. for some reason, whenever i think of the past, i don't generally picture it in full colour. i imagine the 70's to be lived in highly-saturated technicolour, and most things prior to that (particularly those in the early 1900's), in black and white.

for the most part, i attribute this to the fact that all of the media from that time is in black and white - except these.

check out kate's original post for the whole story, but these are revolutionary colour (yes, colour!) photos taken in russia in the early 1900's. fascinating, no?


stregata said...

These photos are sooo amazing!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Wow, these photos are so great. Thank you for sharing!

Rheea said...

Indeed fascinating. I would love to visit Russia in the future. Thanks for sharing!


Amanda Nicole said...

Oh wow. Truly amazing pics :)

Julia said...

These are so, so neat! It reminds of how people would describe cathedrals being in color--the painted pillars and walls, I just never think about it!

Bri said...

I love these pictures so much! The saturation is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing. :)


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