just peachy

oh hello tout le monde!

getting back into regular routine has proven to be a more difficult task than i'd anticipated ... even more difficult than last year. nonetheless, i'm a determined lil person and it gonna happen. this week.

  1. i've dyed my hair brown. loving it. loving it. new pics are en route.
  2. amidst the orders for custom houses and my budding at-home colorist side gig, i've committed to doing my first-ever big big painting. 46 by 32 inches of bare canvas is currently sitting in my hallway, anxiously awaiting it's fate. any tips for an amateur painter embarking on her first big big painting are most welcome.
  3. my affinity for thank-you cards has gone haywire - i've recently purchased three more packages because i just love the designs on them. i'm gonna have to get a-thanking, that's for sure. (mostly because while looking for cards to feature for this post, i browsed through 22 pages on etsy of new listings and it was oh-so-hard to choose just four). and i've decided not to allow myself to buy more of something until i've completely used up what i had of it originally ... thank-you cards included. oy.
it's lookin like gratitude is gonna be the new attitude for the next little while around here.

which isn't such a bad thing anyhow, you know.

vintage lace letterpress note set by pistachio press
t is for thank you by hijirik
you're a peach by letterary press
gratitude by green fingerprint


whimsicalpam said...

Adorable thank you's! I include one with every purchase and am always looking for new and innovative cards:)
Great blog!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I'm more used to working on a small-scale also, big canvases are scary, LOL!
Thinking of going brown too, but not quite sure...
I love the "gratitude" card!

paula said...

I can't wait to see the new hair. Oh, and I am loving the gratitude cards.

Mary Ann said...

Love the thank yous. My fetish is storage containers (I don't know why). Have fun with the painting.

Jennifer said...

How fun that you bought the cards for the design. It would be fun to send them at random...I mean in that you send them to people you love, even if they haven't done anything particularly special...just thank them for being them.

With your big canvas, I'd say start with what you feel and be lose because you have plenty of room, although something small on a large canvas could be interesting too :)

katrina lauren said...

i love 'thank you' cards too...i just love them....and i adore your picks...especially 'you're a peach' i ask you now...how fun is that?
cheers to you!


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