no slump here


i'm not exactly sure what did it yesterday, but i got out of my funk a little bit and am feeling more me.

my desk was messy; i tidied up the worst of it.
my calendar was unkempt; i kempted it. (yep. kempted.)
i had 152 "unread" emails on my work email address (most of which i'd already previewed in order to prioritize responding, but i'd never gotten around to marking them as read), so i got that done yesterday. there's something lovely about not having that little bold number shouting at you every time you open your email, seas of red-unread emails screaming at you. it's unpleasant. am considering changing my inbox settings to show unread emails in blue text. blue's so much more soothing than red.
i had a surprise drop-in office visit with an old friend from high school who's going here now for his second BA, and while we were leaving the coffee shop after a delicious caramelo coffee, ran into another friend who i'd not seen since grade 8 who's here for her PhD. (smartie-pants!)

most importantly, i asked for help and got it. not in the way i expected, but more in the realization that if something's not within my power to fix or change, there's no sense in worrying about it all day (and then checking my work email again at night to worry some more). i let go and chilled out, and remembered that i need to not take myself as seriously as i have been lately for a little while. i love my job; i just need to disconnect from it in order to be able to think about things unrelated to work, and to be able to blog better, create better, and live better.

so that's the plan, stan.

tonight: i'm going on a date with mike. we see each other every day, but it's been a while since we went on an honest-to-goodness date. he asked me on tuesday, and it's been something i've been looking forward to all week. we're gonna go out for dinner and then see that new bruce willis movie.

this weekend, i'd like to do more me-stuff. make beets. buy jar labels for my growing stock of pickles and jam. do some painting. go on a driving adventure and look at the autumn leaves. maybe do some picture-taking. whatever. it's gonna be good.

photos from here and here


RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy it. I'm glad to hear that you're getting out of you funk and feeling more you! Enjoy the rest of your day!

julia christine said...

That place you work sounds awesome! You must work with some pretty cool people. mmhm.

Genevieve said...

Stop checking to see if that darn website is up! RELAX. You're with us! :)

Amanda Nicole said...

I love this list of ways you're getting back to the good stuff. Date nights are indeed important, and I'm about due for one too :)

PS~Erin said...

I've been in a funk too. Trying to find my way out of it. Glad you're coming out of yours!

Rheea said...

You have such a busy busy week! 152 emails.. gosh, that could have taken me one whole week to reply. ha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend~ :)


cabin + cub said...

wow... you are a busy lady! sounds like you have great weekend plans... can't wait to see pics of the beets and pickles. ;)

katrina lauren said...

though i love the colours of fall and pulling on a cozy sweater...fall always makes me feel a bit down....so i understand your funk and i am so happy to hear that you are making your way out...i am working very hard to do the same! i so enjoy stopping by to see what this wunderbug is doing each day! {hugs}
have a happy day!


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