be still. then begin.

oy. what a day.

i feel kind of like a walking drought. i need a little rejuvenation. i'm re-posting this post from a while ago, just because i came across it today and it's reminder hit me like a ton of bricks.

i frequently need to re-remind myself of these things.
how about you?


i've been in an incredibly introspective mood lately. poking through my brain and reflecting on myself; why i do the things i do and why i think the things i think. how i've made it this far in my life. things i like about myself. things i dont like about myself. how to go about implementing positive change in my life, and how to go about implementing positive change in my world, starting with touching others around me. (subsequently, how also not to drive others crazy while trying to identify these changes).

i'm not hinting at anything in particular that i'd like to see changed - i'm a pretty positive person overall - a logical balance between realist and optimist (if ever such a thing could ever exist). as usual, there's just so many things that i've got on my to-do list that i find myself needing to slow down and just be.

then (and only then), can i just choose something and move forward with it. which brings me to this quote; i came across it during my internet travels today, and it slowed my mind. and i stopped. i love the simplicity of it. begin anywhere.

just pick and go. 'cause there are so many places and times in this life that we all get tangled up in ourselves, in our jobs, in our partners, and Who We Want To Be that we start to trip up. slip up. we forget and get overwhelmed.

dont get overwhelmed. just be, and then begin. anywhere.



Anonymous said...

I too am a very introspective person. I reflect all the time and though I don't blog everything, I constantly write in my journal thoughts, poems, and musings. :) Glad to hear some of your honest thoughts! ;)

Art Kitten said...

I think this is the time of year for introspection. I hope that you have some good epiphanies about yourself, but don't work so hard at it that you lose your optimism. A balance is always a good thing.

Julia said...

I agree, I think it was be the time of year! This is a beautiful post, Court! Always appreciated.

So, in the process of being introspective, you have a favorite form of "working these thoughts out?" Like doing a verbal diary, or journaling, or walking, or just sitting and being still?

please sir said...

What a lovely way to be - something I try to work on each day.

Miss A said...

I find it is extremely difficult for me to slow down. It's like I am running with all the other people and sometimes I'll stop running but all those other things following me, people, assignments, random things, I feel like I can't cross that path and get to a bench or a drinking fountain where I can relax. I don't even feel like my mind is capable of figuring things out that I need to, the answers are so simple, but it's those simple ones that are tricky.


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