the good aunt checklist

jess was organizing her stack and stacks (and stacks!) of baby clothes last night and cooing over the piles of little golf shirts and onesies got me into a mood for shopping for my new lil niece or nephew.

here's a few of the picks that i've been feeling lately:
  • an apple toque - how cute is that?
  • i love love LOVE that elephant print, as well - that lil trunk spray makes my day.
  • both pairs of lil baby slippers are so so sweet - if i wasn't positive that i'd look absolutely ridiculous wearing them, i'd order a pair for myself.
  • who says that baby toys can't be works of art? check out that lil wooden elephant - it's like a sculptural masterpiece. (ok, maybe masterpiece is a hyperbole. but hey - it's cute nonetheless).
  • that that lil white flapper beanie is adorable - i'm so gonna buy that if it's a girl ... and the photograph itself is beautiful to boot.
the moop bag, well, every mom needs a chic diaper bag, and so must every good aunt. it's technically an unwritten requirement in the auntie job description, along with being a constant supply of fun spontaneous road trips, sleepovers and letting them do things that their parents would never let them do. yeah, i pretty much need to get one. maybe i'll get one for jess, too.

... or maybe it's just a good excuse to drop some money on a bag i've been eyeing for a year now.

either way, i'm looking forward to this baby thing.

ladybug moks by scandeez
letter e by jenn ski
grasping and teething toy by little sapling toys
felted baby slippers by coffee lady
apple toque by mymarketstall
the letter bag by moop
white beanie by pdx beanies


w said...

oh wow! thanks for the intro to scandeez and moop! i love their shops!

Justine said...

Oh, those little shoes are so cute and the little apple hat! Love your choices!


Julia said...

AHHH, How precious! I love these!

woolies said...

so cute!!!! I want a pair of those baby mocassins for myself, too! Who cares if I look ridiculous?
....well....maybe not....

Kate8085 said...

Looks like you are well on your way to being the perfect aunt..I just bought my nephew a 4 foot inflatable T-Rex..they sent me a picture of him holding it is weird little hand. hahaha.
I love the elephant print too!!

Amanda Nicole said...

Oh, all the lil adorables! I love those fruit caps, I've seen a really cute pumpkin one, too :)

Anonymous said...

so cute love all of these!!! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

The moop bag would make such a fabulous diaper bag! Genius.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic finds! I need to get crackin - I am going to be an aunt again next month!

Anna said...

A pile of cute! I love it!

Rheea said...

Those shoes are sooooo cute! Aww... I want to cuddle the baby.


katrina lauren said...

i so love this post...you found the perfect items. makes me want to:
a. have a baby
b. be an auntie
c. open a sweet little baby store

happy monday!

Anonymous said...

ahh, I'm ooohing and ahhhing over that adorable baby in pic #7. SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Awwww, precious! Lucky baby to have you for an auntie!


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