dear blog spammers (and a peek into what i've been up to lately)

please stop spamming my blog. i can't read japanese or russian, and nor do i require viagra. i still refuse to re-enable word verification for people leaving comments, but man is this comment moderation thing is getting to be a bit of a pain in the butt. three spams a day? come on dude. you need to get out more. learn to cook or something, hey?

thank you.

all the best,

ps - however, the conference went very well, thanks. i'll be posting photos up later this week, but i've taken an additional two days off work in order to unwind after weeks of eating, sleeping and breathing conference planning. it was a ton of fun, so i'm sad to see it go. today, mike and i went on a driving adventure. tomorrow: christmas shopping with a very pregnant jess. it's gonna be interesting, i tell you!

images: top - the york u student conference coordinators along with staff advisors ross and i pose with the ryerson u delegates. bottom - the student and staff delegation of the 4th annual Canadian Conference on Student Leadership. woot!


cindy said...

hey cute girl, love those hats! happy shopping. i can't think about christmas shopping just yet. i will resist the urge to splurge for the rest of this month ;).

tattytiara said...

Looks like a good time!

Yeah, I have that capcha code thing enabled and I hate it and I think about taking it off, but I have had blogs discovered by spammers, blogs on the same account, so I don't dare.

Damn spammers, and damn everybody who clicks their links and encourages them!

paula said...

ugh. I am just starting to have that problem. no fun. a driving adventure does sound like fun though.

Anne. said...

I had my very first spammer this week, too! Blogs and Twitters are also getting hacked left and right, from what I've seen from people I follow. It's nuts.

Also, nooooo, neverrrr! No YouTube link, haha. I'm so embarrassed by it. It was shown in a few of the sister churches in addition to my church and I had strangers texting me about it for the next few weeks. *hides in shame*

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate it too.

Glad you had a great time at the conference and a driving adventure? Sounds exciting.


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