java, moleskine and a little bit of quiet time

how is it only wednesday?

yesterday: awesome. it's funny how little things like changing your routine justalittlebit can help to shake things up just enough. after work, i met up with my mom to buy a christmas gift for my brother, but had half an hour prior to meeting her to kill some time. instead of wandering the shops aimlessly, i resolved to buy a hazelnut coffee and a slice of triple chocolate loaf and sit down to watch the world go by.

i have a tiny moleskine journal that i carry around with me so i did a little bit of writing and coffee sipping, nibbling on my cake and watching a small lineup of kids coming to have their santa picture taken. just a few more evenings like this - just me, myself and i, snuggled up with some me-time and a cup of coffee - and i'll be back to feeling like my old self again.

i also registered for a two-night course at my church, which i'm excited to check out; finally decided on a graduate diploma program i'm going to apply for, and no - jess hasn't had her baby yet.

she was due yesterday, but the doctor said it'd likely be another week or so. if she doesn't have it by next monday, they're going to have to induce, and apparently you don't want that. fingers crossed, please, that this lil peanut decides to make an appearance before then?

ps - one month til christmas!


katrina lauren said...

sounds just right...coffee, cake, scribbling tid bits in your journal as the world hustles & bustles around you...
i think i shall borrow this idea and take some me time today too!
happy day to you my friend!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

its always nice to have time to unwind and think. enjoy your holiday!

Burning Moon said...

This posts makes me want Starbucks! but too many calories so I can do without hahah, Sounds like a nice half an hour or so of alone time everyone needs some here & there

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VeganCraftastic said...

Sounds like a great way to recharge your batteries. Lovely blog by the way!


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