so. pretty.

i quite enjoy wandering through other people's flickr favourites - here are my most recent "discoveries".

how do you find the prettiness that you do - do you have any strategies?

1. errant ├Žsthete, 2. bench Monday! 4, 3. off duty, 4. W H I T N E Y & D A N, 5. Plums in blue bowl, 6. carefree, 7. pdx_6070, 8. pdx_6073, 9. pdx_6079, 10. Orange & Grapefruit Slices, 11. Sasha Pivovarova, 12. "Do you believe in fairies?...., 13. Up close, 14. ribbon storage, 15. colors...., 16. Stuff, 17. many kinds of oranges., 18. a blurry self portrait..., 19. Purchase #3 - $12, 20. hello orange., 21. today's pickins, 22. squam peeps, 23. Hope rises, 24. Untitled, 25. Untitled, 26. Delancey, Ballard, Seattle, 27. found objects - keys, 28. Child's world., 29. Teatime, 30. orange + gray, 31. beets, 32. give me, 33. istanbul diaries XII, 34. tirana diaries XI, 35. "Photography is just another way of keeping a diary!", 36. busy


Caroline said...

Great favorites! I love the citrus fruits photo.

I find prettiness by subscribing to lots of blogs and reading through them daily... kinda like someone might read through a magazine. :)

Aleks said...

I have an odd one....

I look for laugh lines on people's faces on the tube on my morning commute. It lets me know how happy their lives have been.

cabin + cub said...

Love this... so much eye candy to look at! Perfect on a gloomy rainy day here, since it made me smile. :)

Dallas Shaw said...

great finds


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