one of a kind show '09, toronto style

oh good morning world!

as per our yearly tradition, mike and i made a day of wandering the aisles of toronto's one of a kind show this weekend, absorbing all of the talent and unique ideas that had to be offered.

a few of my top three personal favourites:
gorgeous text and graphic art by blair chivers
precious metal and wood jewelry by jenny greco
reclaimed wood jewelery and accessories by billy would

can't wait for the spring show.

(still to come: i'll be playing catch-up for my best of 2009 entries later today, after jess, ava, arianne and i run some errands.)


SleightGirl said...

That sounds like so much fun! We have craft shows here in Las Vegas, but nothing specifically One of a Kind. I'm jealous.

Rheea said...

Good morning! I love the metal necklace. It looks so cool!

Have a great week~ :)


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