to the edge - best challenge '09

as is the case with most workplaces this year, there's been quite a bit of transition in mine; combine that with the fact that the university was in the midst of recovering from a strike in the 2009 winter semester, and you've got a recipe for some backlogged programming.

now - in case you haven't noticed, i'm a details person. i like to run events and i like to run them well, and i like to track all of the details during their development. i prefer not to do things last-minute, and rushing a deadline makes me feel like i'm going a little bit crazy. but sometimes you do what you have to do, particularly when things get backed up.

this conference was my first national conference. i was antsy because the planning wasn't going as i'd envisioned it (what with the management turnover in the office and all) and i knew that others were a bit nervous about it too. however, as the conference date moved closer and closer, the student team that i was working with pulled together marvellously in order to get it all done (and then some!).

the conference was a hit.

the success was as a result of a combination of the right people, a sense of ownership from the student coordinators and fabulous support from the rest of the office that provided assistance where and when we needed it. most definitely, it's a great example and reminder that we're not meant to do everything ourselves; no one person has the skills, connections and stamina to give 150% of their energy 100% of the time.

moral of the story: understanding your weaknesses + asking for help = a stronger you in the end.

image: myself, my boss and the student conference coordinators along with a few of the delegates after the closing brunch.

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

Brava for you! Sounds like it was a big hit. Bask in your accomplishment!


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