recommendation + update

let me tell you, i came across gwen bell and her fantastic blog by creeping through jennifer jeffrey's twitter list, and let me tell you - she's lovely. absolutely lovely. she's most definitely up there amongst my best blog finds of 2009.

anyhow, since having come across her blog, i've found a new and interesting blogger every day. (what a well-connected chick!) lovelove. if you haven't come across her yet, check her out. you won't regret it.

what else has been up:
i'm sick. i've been sick for just over a week now, and that's balls because i hate being sick during my vacation time, especially during the time that i'm supposed to be hanging out with jess and ava. i had huge plans to get painting and creating, but that's been cancelled due to coughing. yuck.

i have a few digital projects up my sleeve, though, and i'm almost done all of my christmas shopping. that's good enough for now.


katrina lauren said...

sorry you are sickie...not good. it made me laugh when you said, and i quote 'that's balls' lol.
hope you start to feel better soon...lots of rest. that always seems to fix me up the best.
take care

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

Am enjoying exploring your blog.

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, you're still feeling crudy? Not good! be kind to yourself, it was a hell-of-a semester for you :)

Amanda Nicole said...

Icky! I hope you're well in time to have some nog :)


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