make time.

oh hello monday! almost didn't see you coming, there.

(no seriously, watch it next time, will you?)

so i've been attempting to practice mindfulness this month and let me tell you - i've been failing miserably at it so far. am going to have to re-dedicate myself to the process.

maybe even get myself back to yoga, too. it's been about six months and both my brain and my body are sorely feeling it's absence. it's time to step it up a notch. the sun's burning a hole in the roof. what we give our attention to is what we become. so let's get a move on.

how do you keep yourself mindful in your daily life? what benefit do you think it'd offer to increase it in yours?

the best time to practice mindfulness is right now. take a deep breath.
check out the mindfulness blog for daily prompts.


katrina lauren said...

courtney i have missed you! hmmmm i took a break from my yoga practice this summer/fall and my mind, body, and soul have thanked me repeatedly for going back. for me yoga is the key to remain mindful...it helps me to stop, breath and look within to see where i'm at...then i know which direction to go....
be gentle to yourself
{ps. i was so scared to go back after the break in fear i may die on my mat...but my body just fell into those familiar poses...it felt like home}

linda said...

i've been making an effort to meditate every morning before i start my work and i've found it super effective for maintaining mindfulness (though i'm not so great about remembering to do the daily meditating!)

if you want to try, it's quite simple: set a timer (8 minutes is a good amount of time) and close your eyes. try not to think of anything specific...that's the quickest tutorial ever! (there's a book i read on 8 minute meditation, i recommend that for real inspiration).


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