just blank.

how many times do we create a vacation that we need to take a vacation from? i think i forgot to leave a day of nothingness at the tail end of my vacation; instead, i cleaned my apartment and balcony from top to bottom. and then was even more dead tired afterwards. oops.

i need an intentionally blank page. i used to do the same thing when i was journalling all the time. it's a good idea. a moment to be quiet and reflect and just ... do nothing.

image courtesy of zutaten


paula said...

sounds perfect. I love a lazy day.

cindy said...

yes, lazy days should be booked into vacations. hope you find one this weekend!

Beth said...

That is the part we all forget. We're so worried about doing everything - even fun stuff - that we forget to pause and just blob out sometimes.

kiddlebug said...

I totally understand. I'm in need of the same thing right now.


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