be still. live. breathe.

this has been my mantra for the past little while - inspired partly by a paraphrase of a quote from enough by john naish, and partly by something that came to me while lying on the beach last august. i'm kind of loving it. (the breathing, and the living, that is). even when it's stressy.

i've also been hearting dandelions. the writing is a little bit teensy when you view it online, but i'm pretty happy with this one. of course, more to come.


Robin said...

I love it. I have always loved the image of dandelion seeds, floating on the wind... We are on the same wavelength today, I also talked about savoring each moment.

"stillness within one individual can affect society beyond measure."
-Bede Griffiths

Have a good day!

Julia said...

I come to your blog to take a deep breath of fresh air! Stopping by your spot is so refreshing. It helps me refocus!



please sir said...

Lovely words to live by - I think I'm going to start thinking that way too!

wunderbug said...

thank you all for the lovely comments - i appreciate them so much.

big love to you all! :)

Chic and Charming said...

beautiful and very calming, it would make a great desktop graphic.


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