friday list of awesomeness

not much time to post, but here's some new oldish pics that i've recently revisited:
1. metal door, 2. mailbox 7107, 3. upsie-daisy, 4. artefacts, 5. exposed brick, 6. ferris wheel, 7. maple leaf, 8. gaby hearts

something else that i love:
a super-cool 1930's party over at a cup of jo. i need to have one of these. like, right now.

finally, some more belly laughs. cause they're good. let's kick back and relax, and enjoy the weekend with a little demetri martin. one of my student staff pretty much threatened my life unless i checked this out, so i did, and have been spending night looking through more of his stuff. hilarious!

who has fantastic plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

Julia said...

Okay, the weekend is chalk full. The reason I picked my top five things was because if I were to list off everything I would feel overwhelmed, start hyper-ventilating and probably feel wigged out enough to not do any of it :)



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