cubicle fever

stapler suicide by dreadsky

so my cubicle at work is pretty small. and i'm the kind of girl who needs to organize everything in front of me so that i can prioritize and see what needs to be done. it needs to be on my desk. (in tidy piles.)

oh did i mention that my cubicle is pretty small?

i'm on a mission to get everything off of my desk and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. how? i've yet to figure that all out. i have a feeling it's gonna take some thinking outside the box.

does anyone have any recommendations of inspirational sites or sellers who might be able to help me out? all that i can find online is the same old boring beige, beige, beige. one of my favourite sites to check out is see jane work, but it doesn't have the breadth of selection that i'm looking for.

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Julia said...

I have these folder dividers covering my desk. I bought some pretty folders and then just stack them in the dividers. I had to learn early that I have to write on EVERYTHING so I remember what's due when and where. Ugh! If you stumble upon something genius, let me know!

Happy hunting! Oh, and keep your eyes pealed for some snail mail heading your way :)



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