five up, for julia

julia over at red otter did a post of lists, and dammit, now i want one too.

top three things that i wish i could buy, if it weren't for the fact that i just dropped moola on new boots:

01) fungi micro-sculpture by element clay studio
02) organic shapes earrings by jen kahn
03) enamel feather earrings by jewelry by natsuko

five things i'm doing this weekend:

01) being taken out for a belated birthday dinner
02) schlepping around in my jogging pants.
03) visiting my old friend duncan, who's hosting a housewarming-slash-halloween party
04) finishing up a painting
05) dyeing my sisters hair

the weekend forecast looks incredibly rainy, so my top five rainy-weather essentials are:

01) a fantastically relaxing yoga class to get you mellow and in sync with the weather
02) a good book (and good golly, i sure have a few of those to get crack-a-lackin on...)
03) tea and a royal gala apple, eaten in silence while listening to the raindrops on the roof
04) a warm sweater and comfy pants
05) a pantry stacked with food to cook, so you dont have to go out!

i'm pretty happy with where i am right now, so my last five-list will just be top five rainy day songs. in no particular order:

01) narrow daylight - diana krall
02) dogs - damien rice
03) souls - chantal kreviazuk
04) transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
05) they stood up for love - live (acoustic version)

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please sir said...

I love her lists too! That sculpture is SO very cool!


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