the best reason to stare at the ceiling all day

i've seen these capiz shell chandeliers around have decided i need one. i'm actually pretty okay with having no furniture, so long as i have this. 

or no tv. 

who needs tv when you have a kick-ass chandelier?

if given the choice, what piece of decor would you have at the expense of all others (or am i just crazy?)

images via west elm and fuse lighting


StunningAnnaK said...

I do love your pick...

But mine would have to be a chair and a half - and if I'm allowed- with ottoman. Just a comfy chair to sink into with enough room for any activity I may desire, sewing, beading, card making.

Bri said...

That is so funny I was just staring at these exact things, thinking - I want one of those! :) Great minds think alike.

Adel said...

Two words: LEGO SOFA !!


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