step away from the cash register, miss

i'm still really working on getting back into my groove, but since it's been so long that i've been grooveless, maybe i should just get on creating a new one.

i went to the bookstore yesterday and did some wandering - one of my favourite things to do.
i managed to drum up some willpower and abstain from making a beeline for all of my usual haunts (ie cultural studies), and instead checked out various books in the biography section.

long way gone
: memoirs of a boy soldier by ishmael beah
one of the keynote speakers at the conference i ran last year was a former child soldier - his story was so tragic and so inspiring at the same time, i'm drawn to more and more of these recounts.

look me in the eye by john elder robinson
i've been devouring augusten burroughs' book, magical thinking lately; this is a memoir written by his brother john, recounting his life with Aspergers syndrome. from the first bit that i leafed through in the store, i've come to the conclusion that this family truly has the writing gene. envy ensues.

(ps i'm going to go ahead and highly recommend augusten's writing while i'm at it. i'm loving it like i haven't loved a book in a long, long while.)

and just as i was about to pick up both of these books and make a beeline for the cash, i ran straight into it. the cultural studies section.

dun dun dunnnnnn.

there it was, front-faced at eye level, on the first shelf i could see. the story of stuff by annie leonard (based on the internet project). right near by was the paradox of choice by barry schwartz.

it was like high noon in the wild west. the universe was telling me to step away from the compulsive buying spree and get focused on reading the books i already have.

okaaaayyyyuh. i guess.

so i put both books down (after adding them to my wish list) and found a comfy seat in starbucks and settled in to an afternoon of reading and people watching. one day, my pretties. i'll get you.

what's on your reading list?


Lori said...

Ahh - my favorite thing to do. Hubby calls it my "Barnes and Noble moments".

Nice to see you back.

Islay said...

Bookstores are one of my favourite things - we have an amazing eco/gardening/childrens one down the road from my house and I spend waaaay too much time there (especially since they also serve tea and cake!)

My amazon wish list is also a little out of control...

StunningAnnaK said...

I tend to just plant myself in the "How to" section... I've learned many things at my local bookstore!

Happy Monday!

Julia said...

You have greater self-control than I, my dear! Right now I'm trying to get through a number of books--per usual. No god but God by Ezra Aslan, The goddess in you by I don't remember, and the Hedgehog book :)

Becky said...

This is why the public library rocks! Too many to read-my list currently includes Ernest Hemmingway's short stories, Stephen King's Salem's Lot (reread but sooo good!) and his Bachman stories which I've never read.

Jenni said...

Love those days (few and very far between as I have young kiddo's now) Just finished The Road and am now beginning Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer.


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