not to throw a tantrum, but

given my penchant for going MIA for the last forever, i find it highly ironic (and almost funny) that, when i'm waiting for some of my favourite blogs to update (i'm not going to point any fingers), i get really impatient.

it's like the blog version of waiting by the phone for someone to call. you know, when you pick it up every so often to make sure that you can still hear the dial tone.

yep, it's still connected.

it's not you, it's me. i just miss the updates.

(until then, i'm sure your site statistics are going to score a high number of hits from a certain somebody who uses firefox and is located in toronto, but for some weird reason sitemeter keeps listing it as ajax, ontario. strange. insult to east-enders everywhere? should i consider that commentary on my east-ender status?)

much love (seriously),

ps seriously, please post soon. i've read the whole internet.


Islay said...

I know the feeling! I find myself repeatedly returning to my Google Reader impatiently waiting for new posts.

I'm trying to be better about daily posting in the hope that someone is waiting for posts from me!

T @ Poppy Place said...

That's funny :)

There is so much to read and so little time to do it in, love the blogosphere :) T.

Tiffany said...

I love a good tantrum! Plus, I know just how you feel. My favorite line: "i've read the whole internet."


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