what i've been doing while i haven't been doing much of anything in the meanwhile

holy freakin canoli.

how deliquent am i?

in my absence, here's a random sampling of the blogs i look to for inspiration and advice. or a laugh. (or all three!). without further adieu, and in no particular order, here we have 'em.

tiffany. oh tiffany. i so enjoy your obsession with all things Amish, your angsty winter poetry contests, your random thoughts and of course, the wild world of zhuzhing.

gwen man, i hope that in the years to come, my lil blog rocks as hard and with as much heart as yours does. (ps you and joel are so frickin awesome. i love your posts about the two of you.)

elsie. you've got so much style it hurts. you somehow make really random things look cool. i admire that. (i tried wearing a headband like that around my head and looked like a total dope. i seem to be lacking the unique style genetics that you have. and i totally listened to miss angie in high school too!)

kal. you're the first blog that i read every day. your bulletproof positive approach to life is solid, and your talent inspires me. you've got an awesome sense of style and an even awesomer philosophy, plus you've got the most adorable girl tribe and canine unit that i've ever seen. i could bookmark pages and pages of things you've written. keep on keepin' on, miss.

oh yeah. and i've got some new ideas and projects brewing in the background of my mind. up there, that's one of them. so stay tuned. a few new directions from me, but it's all good.

spring will be here soon. i'm excited to see where my new road leads. what fresh plans and ideas do you have for your life?


Lori said...

I love it when someone features other blogs they love. Sends me in all kinds of new directions! Thanks and have a great day.

Rheea said...

Woohoo~ Thanks for spreading all the positive vibes around! Love the adorable pic and caption.

Have a beautiful day.. doing nothing. ;)


Becky said...

Thanks for the blog tips! I'll check them out for sure. Spring is fabulous. This is the time of year for me to throw parties, plant my garden, and train for my half marathon that I run every year. All of these help me to grow and improve different aspects of myself :)

Tiffany said...

Courtney, you are a gem and I will be happily subscribed to you no matter how infrequent you post. (Though I always hope for more!)

I love the picture/caption you featured. So true. You'll find your groove, don't worry.

And thanks for the other fun reads. You have led me to many favorites already. I wonder if I could pull off the yarn-wrapped eyeglasses. Hmmm...

Finally, I loved the title of this post.

gwen bell said...

That reminder is just what I needed today. "At some point, you'll have to get out and push." (Only add - "during every day" - where there's a comma now.)

deer antler velvet said...

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