cabin fever

i've got an itch. i can feel it, but can't quite scratch it enough to make me happy. i could feel it coming for the past few weeks, prodding at the back of my head - probably because first my camera was acting up, then my laptop was out of commission. now i've a paper to finish, but all i want to do is progress on the various projects that have stowed away in the back of my mind + in my basement for the past few months.

{happy news: as of 7:45pm this evening, it appears that my laptop is now back up and running, thanks to mike's friend taking a whole day to come down and reformat + reinstall windows. note to self... make something awesome to express my intense gratitude.}

regardless, there's way too many things on my to-do list; it's not been too difficult to find things that inspire me, that end up on the list... it's just a matter of figuring out which to do first. that is, until reading jcaroline's how-to on reupholstering a vintage chair. i have a little stockpile of projects in my basement that were started but for some reason were left unfinished. included in this is my ugly slipper chair.

i had seen it at a garage sale last summer, and was looking for furniture/housewares/decorations/cool discoveries. it cost me $5, but i had big dreams for this lil piece of ugly chair. so i bought it, mike loaded it into his car (cobwebs and all) and i brought it home and within a week, had it stripped and ready to rock. but since then, there's been no forward motion on it whatsoever. seriously. it's looked like this for six months now. but since i've been unable to complete a few other projects due to lack of space to spray-paint (since it's so cold outside), this would make a perfect cold-weather project. i just need to find some foam and cotton batting to make it a bit more cushy, but i'm glad to be back on track.

now i just need to finish that paper and decide on a fabric...

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