pretty li'l flowers and things

if you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a hyacinth. - persian proverb

mm. what a gorgeous image. i love shopping for fresh flowers and potted plants. we were in the grocery store yesterday picking up some tulips for our moms, and i couldn't help but get excited for spring. sixty more days, right? nothing beats fresh new springtime green, new buds on the trees, and crocuses poking out of the soil. i'm going to buy some potted hyacinth for my office. probably little tulips and daffodils too. maybe even some gerbera daisies. i'll be sitting in a little indoor garden.

i just found these quote vessels and tags from paper boat press via black.white.bliss and ... well, i really love them. the imperfect shape of the bowls and text is so appealing. i think i'll start incorporating more quotes and text into my own pieces - i've had a few pretty little ideas in mind to work on for a while now. good thing i've a newly invented long weekend starting tomorrow, and a snowstorm coming on sunday night.. it's the perfect excuse to hole up and get to work.

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Massacremike said...

Whoa - hi there hot stuff. Just wanted to let you know the second image in this post isn't clickable. I had this trouble in a couple of my own posts but I think I figured it out and now have the problem licked. We'll talk later and see if it's indeed the same issue or something new.

Almost long weekend time,



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