i officially heart hearts.

so it seems that everyone's been having a whole bunch of fun making heart-shaped food except me. don't get me wrong - i'm not an ooey-gooey-looking-forward-to-v-day-like-it's-going-out-of-style kinda girl.. (proof: mike and i are double-dating with our mothers tonight for tea/coffee at Tim Hortons.)

i wouldn't have otherwise jumped on the heart-shaped bandwagon except for the fact that i've seen a whole bunch of heart-shaped goodies everywhere lately and ... well ... it's cute. how can you resist it when everybody's using heart-shaped cookie cutters and the like to create adorable french toasts, ice cream and brownies? i bet you couldn't hold back even if you tried.

regardless, i baptised myself in the mob mentality and went ahead to make valentines day from-scratch chocolate chip cookies. what makes these different from the everyday chocolate chip cookies? the red-and-pink m&m's, of course!

as i discovered that the tiny metal heart cookie cutter gets hot very quickly when slicing fresh-from-the-oven cookies, i decided to make a mix of small hearts and big round cookies ... and in the end, i think they look (and taste) pretty great.

maybe i'll start incorporating heart-shaped foods into everyday life. i wonder how tiny heart-shaped meatloafs (meatloaves?) would look?

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Massacremike said...

Sign me up! I LOVE MEATLOAF!!!!


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