finally - a chance to regroup

so i've finally finished my paper, my laptop is fixed and my camera is working.

time to breathe.

coming up on my to-do list:

01. make more of my glass gem magnets. i've received my shipment of supplies, there's nothing holding me back. watch me go. they'll be awesome, and sell out just as fast as the first batch... i won't even get them posted in my

02. continue the sexying up of my banner and images in here.

03. start (or is it finish?) reupholstering my
chair. i've also been inspired to make some pillows. guess that means i'll have to get the tension fixed on my sewing machine after all.

04. figure out what the hell i'm going to do with my steamer trunk. i feel like an awful person if i do anything to it, really. i just want to make it feel... nice. yeah? yeah. i'd love to peel out the old paper and paint + seal it a great colour. maybe green. or maybe something neutral... cause the trunk's dark brown. hm.

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