so many things, so many pies

so my laptop is still out of commission. i think i'm going to have to reformat + reinstall windows to show it who's boss. i think that sometimes you have to do that with laptops; lay down the law, put the pants on + make it behave. otherwise they get all saucy and start stomping around your house like they run the show. (and they don't).

this weekend will be getting-back-up-and-running weekend. i can feel my to-do list backing up as the days go by, and it makes me antsy. additionally, i keep finding all of these gorgeous and awesome blogs, and want to be able to finish mine in order to make mine equally awesome and gorgeous, but am stuck without any of my programs or pictures.

it's a lonely, lonely place, with no computer.

the upside, however, is how much i've learned from the whole experience. my computer goddess ashley says that she's impressed with how much i've learned from the whole thing... i'm just glad that i didn't have to end up paying $189 to best buy's geek squad for them to push alt+f10 to do a system recovery. thanks, but no thanks guys. i can buy a whole lot of supplies from michaels for that amount.

i digress. now, i feel that with a little research and a lot of help from "experts" in online forums, instructional videos from youtube, and a whole lot of determination, i'm now a qualified computer expert. sort of. it's kind of a nice feeling. (it's just a shame that my optical drive still doesn't realize it exists.)

to unwind, i might have to make a few mini-pies as demonstrated by not martha. i can barely resist. rhubarb, apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry... how can it *not* fix my laptop woes?

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