back roads in the summer

summer nights are cooler now.

driving home, taking the back roads, i can feel the temperature drop. it makes me feel melancholy, thinking of the other summers that have gone by; remembering the exact point when i realized that summer is closer to being finished than having begun. i can feel the days inching slowly but surely away from summer's buzzing heat.

with the window down, i can smell the scent of distant bonfire on the breeze. the leaves on roadside trees rustle as my little car passes, headlights illuminating the road ahead. they reflect the glint of a raccoon mama's trepidatious eyes, her babies waiting at the roadside. the half moon has risen high in the sky. there's the moisture in the air, condensed from the day's heat, chilling my skin.

summer dies and swells rise
the sun goes down in my eyes
see this rolling wave
darkly coming
to take me home
and i've never been so alone, and i've
never been so alive

- third eye blind, motorcycle drive by


Julia said...

*sobs* I used to feel so happy when summer ended because I always hated the heat. But this summer makes me feel so sad. I don't want my summer to end! I love the poem you incorporated, and the post, well, darling, it was perfect, so well written!

Also, your profile picture is simply amazing, you look like a wood nymph!

Massacremike said...

I love that photo too - I took it, hee hee. :D

blazedanielle said...

What a beautiful post!! So sad about summer ending... I hate it, though fall is a beautiful season.

I love your profile photo too!! So pretty! :)

wunderbug said...

julia - how could you hate the heat?! oh dear. thanks for your kind words! xo

mike - yeah yeah yeah. ;)

blaze - i completely agree, i love fall too. i just don't like the long long cold that comes afterwards!


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