wedding vows and wine glasses
cake, dancing, toasts

1 tightly packed duffel bag
1 little white meatball car
1 gps named gertrude
18 bottles of water

4 reese's peanut butter cups
early-morning breakfasts, leisurely walks
2.5 u-turns
1 ferry crossing the ottawa river
15 hours in the car
8 rest stops
1 outhouse
1 bottle of overpriced hand sanitizer, purchased from a country store
1 visit to un pharmacie, en francais
4 movies

sunshiny days, a few raindrops and warm summer nights
1.5 days by the pool
1 awesome book
2 gondola rides up to the top of the mountain
1 breathtaking sunset
pictures, pictures and more pictures
a vacation to remember


Anonymous said...

What a great post!! :) I love all these wonderful and inspiring photos! :) I am glad you had fun!!

Julia said...

This was a fantastic post, Court! I loved all the amazing tid bits you included! TWO gondola rides? *sighs* Lucky, lucky you!

You guys look GREAT! Fab great!

wunderbug said...

thanks so much guys - i'm glad you liked them!


Jennifer Jeffrey said...

You two are adorable! What a beautiful couple.

Love the lists too - esp: "1 gps named gertrude"!


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