just a few things

love her photos. just love. so inspiring, so melancholy. so haunting.
this idea is super cool... am thinking about ways that i can morph it for my own uses
am thinking about how i'd love to have this to relax in while i'm reading on my porch
can't stop watching this. new obsession.
can't stop reading this. awesome non-chick-lit poolside reading. highly recommended.


Nancy Paiva said...

Thanks for the spreading the word!
Nancy Paiva

Nancy Paiva said...

Oh and btw...I am having a show at Mitzi's Sister on Queen Street in Parkdale starting August 1st.

wunderbug said...

hey nancy! thanks for leaving a message - and letting me know about your show ... i'll definitely try to make it out!

Julia said...

How did I miss this incredible post of yours! There's so much here, so many goodies!


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