wednesday list

inspired by red otter's pre-end-of-summer list, i've decided to make one of my own, and damn it i'm going to make it as realistic as my little heart can possibly make it.

this month, i'm going to get my workspace organized. yep, that's right. finally. i've replaced the too-high stool that hurts my back with an ikea snille chair (in white, cause i'm still obsessed with all-white, punched up with bright colour. makes me think that i'm the next india hicks. yeah, right.) eventually, i'm going to get myself a skruvsta chair in black faux leather, but that'll be a dream for another month. but i've got my shelving unit, i've got my storage boxes... i just need a bit of motivation. lets look through those impeccably-designed rooms again, shall we?
i'm also going to take it easy. summertime goes so quickly - especially when you work in student orientation - so i have to remember to build nothing-time into my schedule. once i've finished workspace, i'm going to enjoy myself. i'm going to visit my dad some more, take hundreds (thousands!) of photos. i'm going to lie on the beach and read my book with my toes in the sand, and walk along the boardwalk. then i'll take more pictures. next weekend, i'm going to grand bend and sauble beach with my mom and sisters, so i'm sure i can get some of that done.
i haven't had near enough patio time this summer, either. or dairy queen. georgia mud fudge blizzards are what summer is all about. i'm not about to let this one fly by without a fight. or without another barbecue in flip-flops.
image courtesy of domino magazine

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Julia said...

Oh baby! Your list ROCKS! I love what you have listed, especially the "nothing time." I desperately need to add some of that to my list!

I would love to see your work space once it's "finished" *wink, wink*



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