one-two punch

so, some coworkers and i went out to dave & busters last night (think chuck e. cheese's but for grown-ups), where my boss and i went head to head in a virtual boxing match. it was one of those ones that have sensors so you physically have to dodge the punches from your opponent... otherwise you'll get "hit" (you know this cause the screen turns red and it says something stupid like DAMAGE!) i got knocked out in the third round by some heavyweight scraggly russian guy. it's surprising at how tough it turned out to be - my arms are still aching. guess i'm not mohammed ali reincarnated.

today: our office is moving to another building, and then we're having a baby shower/farewell party for my boss. busy day... except for the fact that it'll be the movers who are doing all of the work and we'll be .. having coffee and enjoying the party. tonight: going out for drinks with my sister and mike for a friend's birthday. this weekend: who knows. i need to rest my weary arms - this featherweight has a bit more training to do before she can last more than two and a half (thirty second) rounds. ha. i know that mike has a list of movies as long as his arm that he'd like to see, so we'll most likely end up doing that. apparently the new x-files movie is coming out this weekend, and there's the whole backlog of superhero movies that we're behind on. good times.

(photo courtesy of slack12)

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Julia said...

LOL! This post made me laugh! You poor thing, that's the most frustrating part of being a "featherweight" :)

Okay, if you go and see heaps of movies, you NEED to give me a review of them when you're done. I have plans on seeing a few myself!



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