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woot! we've arrived in tremblant successfully after a few pit stops (tim hortons, gas, bathroom break, tim hortons, bathroom again, gas again, wal-mart for a $1.97 case of bottled water), and have had the chance to wander around the pedestrian village this evening to eat dinner at 'le diable' microbrewery, and scope out what we wanted to check out for tomorrow.

there's so many awesome things to do here! i'd really recommend it for everyone who wants a simple, affordable vacation. there's so many activities that we'll be doing (including hiking, canoeing, rollerblading, mini golfing, luge-ing & panoramic gondola riding.) - i can't wait to get started. when we leave here on thursday, i'd love to visit st joseph's oratory in montreal (where there's the preserved heart of brother andre) and then stop off in kingston, where apparently there's a set of the only remaining gallows in ontario... i'm not creepy - i just find things like this fascinating.

it's like quebec city's ste-anne-de-beaupre basilica; there's a bone fragment from the alleged forearm of the saint anne, who was jesus' grandmother, sent by the pope after his visit in the 70's. i'm not catholic (i was raised irish protestant, actually!) but i find the religious views of these bits and pieces of preserved people incredibly interesting, if not a bit morbid. it seems that we haven't come far from our ancestors after all!

after that, we'll be visiting my dad until saturday at which point will be getting back to toronto and taking sunday& monday for relaxation buffer time. tonight: i'm enjoying a restful evening with a cup of tea and my new comfy jogging pants. sweet.

for today, here's a pic of mike in front of one of the various fountains in the little courtyards in the village. so cute and quaint - i've never been to europe, but it reminds this me of quebec city and of what i'd imagine europe to look like.

{while we're here, mike's french has really been coming along well - somehow his grade four french skills have blossomed and he's coming out with phrases like "c'est dommage!" and "un p'tit peu". i'm helping him along, but i really think he's got more french in him than he lets on, anyhow.}

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Julia said...

WHOOHOOO! You're there! I hope you and Mike are thoroughly LOVING your time up north. That little city center looks so cute and quaint. Very European. Reminds me a lot of Inverness Austria really :)

I hope you are able to see all the things you want to, all the while relaxing and eating heaps of good food!



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